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Shark Hat! (New Hats- 8/4/2020)

New Hats have entered The Top Hat’s rotation! Grab them before they leave the shop in a couple weeks! This week we introduce Rubies, which are an easier way to purchase Hats and other cosmetics! You can purchase them directly from the shop, here. After purchasing from the shop, it will take anywhere from 15… Read more »

The Cap and Penguin Hat is here! New Hats: 6/12/20

New hats have entered the shop today! One of these new hats is the Penguin Hat, which has been designed by someone in our own community, Cosm0s! Grab these new hats while you can! They’ll be replaced by a new shipment of hats in two weeks.

New Hats! 5/29/20

It’s been two weeks and our new shipment of hats has come in! A Chicken Hat, Brown Fedora, Ninja Headband, and Red Retro Glasses have entered this week’s shop inventory! New hats will be restocked in 2 weeks! Grab these while you can!

New Hats in the Shop!

Blue/Black Beanie, Daisy Flower Crown, and 3D Glasses These items will be replaced on 5/11/2020. Grab em while you can!